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  A semi-transparent finish to colour, protect and waterproof all types of timber decking.

Decking Stain   
  Cuprinol Ultra Tough Decking Stain is a semi-transparent matt finish specially formulated for all types of timber decking. It provides both colour and a tough durable protective coat that resists cracking and peeling.
  Cuprinol Ultra Tough Decking Stain is water repellent to help prevent wood cracking and splitting and it is showerproof in less than an hour. It is also suitable for use on other garden wood and is safe with plants and pets when dry.
American Mahogany    Atlantic Spray    Boston Teak

Cedar Fall    Driftwood    Golden Maple

Hampshire Oak    Vermont Green     


Pack Sizes
2.5 L

How Much Is Needed
This 2.5L tin is normally sufficient for: Bare & previously stained wood: 20m² with 2 coats. Absorbent wood, sawn wood and grooved decking will reduce coverage.
Where To Use
Ultra Tough Decking Stain is formulated for use on new or existing wooden decks. It can also be used on other garden wood structures. For maximum performance Ultra Tough Decking Stain should be applied to all sides of wood prior to laying decking.

Preparing the surface

Timber specifically sold as decking is normally pretreated with wood preserver to prevent decay. Ensure timber used in ground contact has been pre-treated or sold specifically for use as decking. Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from algae and mould. For best results brush to remove dirt and debris and then clean the surface with Cuprinol Decking Cleaner. Rinse well and allow to dry. Resinous or oily wood may affect performance.

New wood: Wipe with white spirit to remove any natural oils/resins.
Weathered wood: Completely remove all grey wood by sanding back to sound wood.
Painted or varnished wood: Sand off or chemically strip existing coatings then treat as bare wood.
Sound woodstained wood: Wash with Cuprinol Decking Cleaner and water to remove dirt and grease and allow to dry. 

How to apply
Stir thoroughly before and during use. Final colour will depend upon wood type, previous treatment and the number of coats applied. Brush on evenly along the grain avoiding overlaps. Avoid splashing plants. Do not apply if rain is likely before treatment can dry, or if temperature is below 5°C or in conditions of high humidity or frost.
Drying time
Ultra Tough Decking Stain will be touch dry in 2-6 hours in good drying conditions. When applying subsequent coats allow to dry fully before recoating. Avoid heavy wear and tear for a few days after application. On previously stained decking touch up bare areas and allow to dry before finishing with further coats. Apply 2-3 coats depending on the colour and degree of protection required.

Cleaning and storage
Remove as much product as possible from application equipment before washing out with water. Reseal container after use. Wash off any splashes with water while still wet. After use remove as much product as possible from brushes before cleaning with white spirit. Do not store or use in extremes of temperature and protect from frost.


Always read the pack instructions carefully before use.