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  The fastest & easiest way to nourish, enhance & protect your deck.

Spray Deck treatment   
  Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Treatment is the fastest and easiest way to nourish, enhance and protect your deck. Its lightly tinted formulation contains natural oils that penetrate deep into the wood to replace the oils and resins lost through weathering.
  Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Treatment has been specially developed for use with the Cuprinol Deck Sprayer allowing you to spray accurately and evenly reaching all the awkward spaces such as between the slats. It is quick drying, safe for use near plants and pets and when you've finished, simply flush the sprayer through with water.  


Pack Sizes
3 L
How Much Is Needed
A 3L pack is normally sufficient for: 36m² with 1 coat.
Weathered, sawn wood or grooved decking will reduce coverage.
Where To Use
Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Treatment is suitable for use on all types of new or untreated timber decking.
Preparing the surface
Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Treatment is for use over bare or untreated wood. Strip any existing paint, varnish or decking stain. All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from any surface coating, mould or algae. For best results brush to remove dirt and debris, then clean the surface with Cuprinol Decking Cleaner, rinse well and allow to dry. Decking treated with Cuprinol Decking Oil or Cuprinol Decking Seal may be treated provided that it has been weathered for several months before application of the Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Treatment.
How to apply
Assemble the Cuprinol Deck Sprayer by referring to the User Guide provided. Make sure all the connections are tight. Shake pack thoroughly before opening. Pour the contents of this pack into the Sprayer and follow the User Guide for full instructions before you start. During application, re-pressurise the Sprayer when the spray pattern 'tails off'.
Drying time
Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Treatment will dry in 2-6 hours in good drying conditions. Apply a second coat if necessary when the first is completely dry. Avoid walking on decks until fully dry.
Cleaning and storage
Return any unused product to the pack and replace the cap tightly. Before opening the Sprayer it is essential to release the pressure by pulling out the pressure release valve until all the air has escaped. The Sprayer can then simply be flushed out with water and stored for future use. Storage: Do not store or use in extremes of temperature and protect from frost.
Other information 
Although Cuprinol Deck Sprayer has a controlled spray pattern, as with any sprayer, a limited amount of overspray will be created. This can be minimised by avoiding spraying in windy conditions and by using cardboard or plastic to mask areas. Rinse off any overspray immediately with water to avoid staining. Alternatively apply by brush to areas immediately adjacent to brickwork, paintwork, UPVC windows and doors etc.  
Stand with the Sprayer nozzle approximately 30cm (12 inches) from the surface of the deck. Using a sweeping motion, spray the decking slowly enough to give an even application of colour without allowing excessive fluid to form pools (especially in the grooves). As with any spraying process, it may take practice to perfect your technique. Try a test run first if possible. Do not be concerned if the application is not completely even as during the drying process the Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Treatment will penetrate and spread. Excessively uneven application however should be brushed out before the treatment dries. Do a section of decking at a time. It is advisable to apply Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Treatment to hand rails, spindles etc by brush. Do not apply if rain is likely before the Treatment can dry, if the temperature is below 5°C or in conditions of high humidity or frost. Applying in direct sunlight may lead to very fast drying and a possible uneven finish. This product may only be sprayed using either the Cuprinol Deck Sprayer or the Cuprinol Fence Sprayer

Always read the pack instructions carefully before use.