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If you are looking to build a deck yourself and do not know where to start, give us a call and we can advise you on what you need.

We Offer 3 levels of service
1. Supply of Materials Only
  If you have a good level of DIY skills and want to build your deck yourself, then we can supply you with what ever timbers; joists, deck boards, posts, hand rails etc; fixings, balustrade - rope, metal spindles and panels, timber spindles, wood deck panels and all aftercare products that you would need to construct your deck delivered to your door.
2. Supply of Decking in Kit Form
  If you have a reasonable level of DIY skill, but don't know where to start, then a deck kit might be the way for you. Using the timbers from your list of requirements, we can construct and deliver a series of base frames already assembled to your measurements and requirements. All you then have to do is fix your frames, deck boards and balustrades (also in pre-made sections if you wish) to finish the deck of your dreams.
3. Full Installation
  If you feel you do not have the confidence or the time to build your deck, then we can provide you with a quote to supply and install the deck for you.

Please note that we do not offer a full National service for installation. Go to the Installation page to find out more info on area that we do cover.

With all types of decks purchased we can guide you during your construction with what timbers, boards and other components that you will require.

Remember, the deck kits are not "off the shelf" fixed size kits, but are decks to fit your area, however awkward your shape of deck.


Or if you prefer, we can supply and install the deck for you. Whatever your needs, we can help

Deck Frames
Deck Frames 02

Frame Sizes

To get a cost of  the deck kit that you want, we need you to provide us with the dimensions to the area you are looking to deck. A sketch would also help

We take the area of decking that you are looking to in install and make a series of frames to suit. For transporting reasons, we do not make the frames larger than 2.00m wide and usually no longer than 4.80m long.

The picture to the right shows an area of decking 3.60mm wide x 5.00m long. This was made up of three frames all approx 1.66m x 3.60m.

Laying Deck Boards
Once the frames are in position, they can then be secured together and fixed to support posts. Newel posts added. The fix the deck boards and finally fix the deck balustrade sections.

Contact us by phone, fax or email with your details and requirements.